Are you submitting a CV, cover letter or personal statement for your dream job?
Are you worried a typo will affect your online reputation?
Do you need a second pair of eagle eyes to check for any last minute errors before you go to print?

Busibusiness proofreadingness proofreading

Your business is important. Your mind is probably bursting with ideas for new marketing materials. Perhaps you’ve written some new website content or committed to writing a weekly blog or newsletter. These days the Internet is full of content; the first place your customers will look is your website or social media site. Don’t let simple spelling mistakes or typos ruin your online reputation. Proofreading and copy-editing will eliminate errors and ensure consistency. I can also help copy-editing and proofreading reports and papers, teaching materials and non-fiction e-books.

Before I trained as a proofreader and copy-editor, my extensive business career included over thirty years in the insurance profession as a chartered loss adjuster. I wrote complex reports and letters daily, and proofread reports written by my mentees. I came into contact with a huge range of businesses, large and small. I was responsible for briefing other professionals, including architects, surveyors, engineers, forensic scientists, accountants and lawyers. I understand the language and terminology of business. I can help with spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax, ensure that your work flows naturally and is written in formal business English.

personal proofreading

Personal proofreading

Whether you’re just starting out on your career, applying for a University course, or submitting an application for your dream job, your CV, cover letter or personal statement is your shop window. Careful copy-editing and proofreading will ensure that your documents and profiles are consistent, error-free and well-presented. I have experience checking CVs, cover letters, personal statements, UCAS applications, research proposals, LinkedIn and other social media profiles. I can advise on layout and formatting, and ensure that the wording is appropriate for business.

Affordable copy-editing and proofreading is an investment in your future. Contact me today to find out how I can help you.