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OSCOLA basics: newspapers

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The academic and student proofreading summer season is now in full swing. I’ve been busy proofreading lots of theses and dissertations, plus as you may have read last week, I’ve been on the book tour circuit with my pro bono writing project: Paws Before Bedtime. Last week, ‘blog day’ had passed me by before I’d realised. When you are this busy, it is important to take regular breaks and get outside. I solve this with twice daily dog walks, and once a week I go for a long walk with my French neighbour. It’s a comical walking English/French lesson as we practice on each other – usually ending up consulting the dictionaries over coffee as we digress into word origins and colloquialisms.

Online citations

One of the longer theses I checked last week contained many references to newspaper and media articles, so I thought a blog to brush up on the OSCOLA referencing style for all things media related might be useful. These days many news feeds are only available online, so in addition to the article author, organisation and title information you also need to cite the website url in angle brackets < and > and the accessed date. You don’t, however, need to do this if a print version of the source material is published, too.

Newspaper articles

I’ve noticed that newspaper articles are often cited without the author name – this is not strictly correct, and it is always best to try to locate the author. Often this is hidden away at the top of the article, under the title photo or right at the end. With daily news feeds you also need to track down the actual date the article was printed and the media organisation’s location. The order of citation is as follows:

Author first name | author last name | comma | ‘title of article in single quotes’ | name of newspaper in italic | round bracket | place of publication | comma | date of publication | round bracket | full stop if in footnote

Example citations

Here are a few examples from yesterday’s papers:

Rob Merrick, ‘Theresa May will not be back at work until Thursday almost four weeks after starting holiday, says Downing Street’ The Independent (London, 14 August 2017)

Olivia Petter, ‘We need to start eating jellyfish’ The Independent (London, 14 August 2017)

Ed Power, ‘Game of Thrones, Eastwatch review: Bombshells, surprise reunions and sisterly strife’ The Daily Telegraph (London, 14 August 2017)

Josh Halliday, ‘Police reveal how convicted killer lost four stone to escape prison’ The Guardian (Manchester, 14 August 2017)

Next week, I’ll take a look at other forms of media including websites and blogs.

citation of newspapers
citation of newspapers