Outside the world of publishing, the lines between proofreading, copy-editing and proof-editing are blurred. Your needs are simple: your document should represent your writing at its very best. I can help you – if it contains words I can proofread and edit it.

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I proofread and copy-edit all types of business and academic documents: academic essays, dissertations and theses, journal submissions, research proposals, business reports, letters, CVs, cover letters, personal statements, LinkedIn profiles, emails, blog posts, marketing newsletters, websites and non-fiction books.



Any document – on line or on paper

I usually work on Word documents using the Track Changes function. I can also work on pdf using highlights and comment boxes. Alternatively, I can print out your document from any format, annotate the hard copy and scan the corrections back to you. I can follow your own house style and use BSI proofreading marks. Whatever method you prefer, I will always explain the corrections and provide helpful suggestions for improvement of the text if appropriate.



My professional proofreading and copy-editing service covers a thorough and careful check of the following aspects. I’m flexible, so if you have any special requirements for your text don’t hesitate to ask for a bespoke quotation.

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Repetition and informal language
  • Layout and consistency, for example capitalisation or spacing
  • Numbering of pages, tables and figures
  • References layout and cross-checking
  • House or publishers style
  • British or American English