Time flies

Time flies – exploring idioms related to time

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I’ve been a bit behind on my social media activity in the last two weeks, and have left writing my blog posts to the last minute. Usually, I am super organised and have things planned weeks in advance. July and August are busy months for the academic editor, so you’d think I would have had everything organised, but instead I agreed to help with a charity fund-raising event. After baking and selling over twenty cakes in a weekend I was more than a little bit worn out. The working week came and I was all ready to knuckle down to get through some serious word count when I realised there was no food in the house, other than icing sugar and sprinkles, so a trip to the shops was in order. One thing that I do appreciate as a freelancer is the opportunity to juggle time and keep your own flexible hours, working in the evening to make up for an emergency morning trip to the supermarket. This led me think about all the different idioms we use in relation to time.

Ten idioms about time

Time flies – time moves quickly and often its passing speed is not noticed
In the nick of time – something completed with only seconds to spare
Time waits for no man – act without delay
A stitch in time saves nine – do something immediately, as the task will be harder if left until later
Time to get your skates on – to hurry up
Lost in the mists of time – a distant memory
Time to kill – arriving early and having to wait around with nothing to do
Time and again – something happens repeatedly
Pressed for time – in a hurry
To the end of time – forever

Talking about time – an English obsession?

There are over a hundred idioms related to time. I wonder if the English are perhaps a little bit obsessed with time, given our obsession with finding different ways of talking about it. It certainly crops up a lot in everyday conversation. Well, time is running out (another idiom!) for me to post this blog and get back to work, so perhaps another time I’ll have a look at some time management tips.

Time flies
Time flies – idioms about time