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Welcome to the new website

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Welcome to my shiny new website and blog. After two successful years as Liz Brown Proofreading I decided to have a slight name change in order to focus more accurately on my core business, which is editing, or to be more specific academic editing. I also wanted to start writing a business blog so that I could share my thoughts, ideas and research to a wider audience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to add a blog to the old website, hence a complete makeover was called for.

Like everything in life, including writing that essay or dissertation, the whole process has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. I must have worn the patience of my trusty designer at La Franglaise thin, as I dithered over the design of the new logo. However, as soon as I saw the final options I immediately knew which one to choose. I believe in going with your initial gut reaction and this process has been no exception.

I hope that you like the new website format and will find my blog posts entertaining and informative. I will be sharing with you tips and explanations of the common problems I encounter when editing and proofreading academic and business documents; some of my experiences of setting up a freelance business, in particular the difficulties of working in another country; plus, the occasional post about my ‘hobby’ of language learning. If there are any specific subjects or problems related to academic or business writing, editing or proofreading that you would like me to cover, then please leave a comment or email me a suggestion at

And, if anyone is wondering whether it is true that all editors have cats – the answer is yes!

The Editor's Cat